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All Teslas Will Have Built-in Self-Driving Hardware

Tesla says the self-driving system won't be turned on until further testing is performed. This is a major move for Tesla as it moves away from the semi-autonomous nature of Autopilot.

Candy-Dispensing Robot Makes Halloween Fun Again

The LEGO Halloween Candy Thrower flings mini chocolate bars to trick-or-treaters. It uses an EV3 IR sensor to detect when someone is in front of the machine to trigger the throwing mechanism.
Robot Fun

Drone-to-Drone, Midair Recharging on the Way

Researchers at Imperial College London have developed a method to wirelessly power drones in midair. They say this could lead to drone-to-drone recharging in the air.
Robot Fun

Anti-Drone System Helps Secure Presidential Debate

To help secure the final presidential debate, Las Vegas police used Dedrone's DroneTracker system to scan the surrounding airspace for unauthorized drones.

Artificial Intelligence Spotlight

DeepDrumpf Twitterbot ‘Running for President’

MIT's DeepDrumpf Twitterbot announced its presidential campaign on Monday. And all of the money it raises will go to "Girls Who Code," a non-profit organization focused on closing the gender gap in the tech industry by teaching girls STEM skills.
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Latest in Artificial Intelligence

AI Helps Sports Fans Find Shortest Concession Lines

WaitTime's system takes pictures of an arena's concession lines 10 times per second to calculate queuing times, order completion times and the number of people who got out of line because they didn't want to wait any longer.

Watch: 60 Minutes Report on AI

60 Minutes reports on the advancement of artificial intelligence, how it's changing the world, and how its made more progress in the past five years than in the previous 50.

Google: ‘Stop Freaking Out’ About AI

Eric Schmidt writes that artificial intelligence "has the potential not only to free us from the negative, but to enhance what’s most positive about us as human beings."

Cozmo AI Robot Brings Wall-E to Life

The new Cozmo robot toy from Anki uses an emotion engine and artificial intelligence to come to life, play games, and evolve over time.
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All Teslas Will Have Built-in Self-Driving Hardware
Tesla says the self-driving system won't be turned on until further testing...

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