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Custom Research and Marketing Programs

Custom Media Programs

Our expert team of writers, editors and designers is standing by to provide a full range of turnkey services to help you with your marketing needs.
• Webinars
• Podcasts
• Custom white papers or product profiles
• Lead-gen programs
• Custom e-mail blasts
• Many more programs are available

Executive Subscription Programs Paid subscriptions to exclusive Robotics Trends premium content are available for individuals, and discounted bulk subscriptions are available through our Executive Subscription Program.

Custom Research

Robotics Trends was one of the first to create proprietary data and analysis on the commercial robotics industry. We continue to develop reports, surveys and analyses of technologies and critical industry trends. In addition to routinely published reports, Robotics Trends performs custom research and surveys for companies and organizations using our database and analysts.

Professional Services

Robotics Trends provides a host of scalable technical support services to help you better manage your business and achieve results. We can help you design and optimize your company website as well as design and produce ads and technical documents to improve your lead-generation initiatives. We are your business partner in the robotics industry. Contact us today to learn more about our professional services opportunities.

Company and Product Guide

List your company, products and services in our comprehensive guide.

Consultancy Services

Robotics Trends offers market research and consultancy services to a select number of clients. Please contact us to learn more about our specialized client services.