10 Reasons Amazon Drone Delivery is Doomed

Amazon is currently testing its drone delivery service. But even if the FAA OKs drone deliveries, there are many flaws that need to be overcome.

Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery service has been sparking news for years now. Amazon is currently testing the system, thanks to a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

But the FAA’s new proposed drone guidelines would essentially eliminate the use of drones for delivery services altogether in the United States.

Here’s why the experts at Buy the Best Drone think this delivery service is doomed, no matter what the FAA decides.

1. Inefficiency
Each drone maxes out at sending a few packages at a time before having to turn around and head back to the base to pick up a new package. Every delivery transport out there can carry hundreds of packages at once. This is extremely inefficient overall for a delivery service and will waste large amounts of fuel. In practice, sounds great. In theory, not so much.

2. Weather
Drones are susceptible to weather - that means they can’t fly in extremely windy conditions (ever been to Kansas, Amazon?) and rain can flood their motors. We haven’t had much success flying through a thunderstorm yet either. 

3. Flight Path too Narrow
If drones fly too high, they’re breaking FAA guidelines. If they fly too low, Amazon is running the risk of losing their drones and the packages they are carrying from people shooting down and hijacking the drones. 

4. Damaged Goods
The neighbor’s pit bull has never failed to chase after that newspaper in the mornings. What do you think it’s going to do with a drone? Even if they could avoid this by dropping the packages, then Amazon runs into the risk of damaging the goods.

5. Privacy Concerns
The drones will have cameras to avoid issues (see No. 1 and No. 3 above). Won’t this bring about another huge issue in the drone world already – privacy? People aren’t going to be okay with drones whizzing over their home while they record their kids playing in their backyards.

6. Technical Difficulties
There are a lot of technical issues with drones right now. Whether it is a shortage or a short battery life, drones are going to need to hit their stride and start improving at a rapid rate.

7. Hackers
The drone delivery service could easily be hijacked by spoofing signals, without the use of expensive equipment. Hackers are good at what they do and could negatively utilize drones for purposes such as terrorism or theft.

8. Delivery times Would be Horrible ...
... and Amazon would have to set up hundreds of bases to accommodate for just the single state of California. They might say that this is the future of deliveries, but we think the future is billions of dollars of development away.

9. Target Practice
There are entire factions of people on the Internet and across the country that are already condemning drone use and shooting down anything they can. Nothing will change when Amazon is using them for delivery.

10. Expenses
As of 2015, drones are expensive – and the types of drones Amazon will need to carry a heavy payload are even more expensive. Sprinkle in some disaster as mentioned above and Amazon might be eating their dollars faster than they can get their packages out.


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