5 Best Dancing Robots at CES 2017

With each passing CES, the robots are capable of doing so much more. One thing many of the robots at CES 2017 had in common was a love for dancing.

Photo Caption: UBTech Robotics' Lynx robot features Amazon Alexa voice technology.

CES has quickly turned into the Land of Robots. In fact, there were so many robots in Las Vegas that it’s impossible to see them all.

With each passing CES, the robots are capable of doing so much more. One thing many of the robots at CES 2017 had in common was a love for dancing.

We’ve rounded up some of the more skilled dancing robots that could certainly teach us a move or two as they make their way into our homes.

Everest 5 Robot by Abilix

Everest 5 is an educational robot that children ages 5+ can program. Everest is quite expressive with its fully jointed body, dexterous hands and articulated fingers. Everest has an assortment of apps to aid in programming him to do a number of things, including a Tai Chi routine where he’ll stand on one foot. He has a touch screen in his torso, cameras in its eyes, and speakers on the sides of his head. All this and he stands a mere 18 inches tall.

UBTech’s Alexa-powered Lynx Robot

Another similar robot is Lynx from UBTech Robotics. While it has a 17-inch body with head, arms and legs, it’s basically Amazon Alexa on steroids. Alexa is integrated into Lynx to play music, plan your day and control your smart home just by speaking to the robot. Lynx also recognizes your face and can change its responses accordingly.

Tanscorp UU Robot

My favorite humanoid robot at CES 2017 was Tanscorp’s UU, an extremely expressive robot designed to talk, dance, identify objects, avoid obstacles, move on its wheels and make facial expressions. UU is quite advanced thanks to its voice and facial recognition capabilities, 3D smart scene map generation system, smart deep learning engine, robotic situational awareness system, and smart digital programming.

Hoverboard Robot Dancer

As we pointed out on Twitter, this isn’t a robot, it’s a human on a hoverboard dressed as a robot. Kudos to him or her; riding a hoverboard is tough enough, never mind tearing up the dance floor on a hoverboard to open CES Unveiled.

iPal Robot from AvatarMind

Finally, we have the iPal social robot by AvatarMind. Standing at 3.5-feet-tall, iPal can talk, dance, tell stories, and encourage physical activity. With the small tablet on its chest, it can share videos and let you chat with friends.

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