5 Robot Snow Plows to Unbury You from Snowmageddon 2015

Want a robot to shovel all that snow for you? Here are some prototypes and DIY snow plows that can help unbury you from Snowmageddon 2015.

Most New Englanders are battening down the hatches in preparation of Snowmageddon 2015 (check out #snowmageddon2015 on Twitter). Time to make sure those shovels and snow blowers are all ready to go.

What if there was a robot to remove all that snow for you?

The Autonomous Snowplow Competition is trying to make that a reality, bringing together college students from around the Midwest and Canada who have spent months building functioning robot snow plows.

“You could wake up in the morning and, rather than have to go out and shovel snow, you could grab a cup of coffee and hit a button in the garage and this thing would do it for you,” says E.J. Daigle, a contestant from Dunwoody College of Technology.

Watch the video below to see the robot snow plows in action. Unfortunately, they’re just prototypes at this point, and expensive ones to boot, ranging in price from $4,000-$12,000.

There are some talented DIYers and students out there who have also created their own robot snow plows. We’ve rounded up some of the better designs we came across.

Click here for 5 Robot Snow Plows to Unbury You from Snowmageddon 2015.

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