5 Things You Might Not Know About Google’s Self-Driving Cars

By now you've heard Google's self-driving cars are coming. But here's a roundup of some facts you just might not know about the robot cars.

Self-driving cars are coming, if you haven’t heard.

More companies are getting into the game everyday, seemingly, but Google has long been at the forefront of the self-driving car race.

Google’s self-driving cars have already driven 1.7 million miles on American roads, and the company says they’ve never been the cause of an accident during that time.

Google’s cars can handle some real-world hazards, including cars swerving in front of them.

But there are many things they can’t handle, such as unmapped roads, snowy weather conditions, parking garages, etc.

There are other facts about Google’s self-driving cars you might not be aware of, including why they drive like your grandma and why they look just so darn cute.

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