6 Funny Robot Vacuum Fails

A roundup of robot vacuum cleaner fails, including one falling down the stairs, killing a Christmas tree, and smearing dog poop everywhere.

Did you hear the one about the woman who got attacked by her robot vacuum? Well, it’s not a joke. The vacuum tried to eat the hair of its 52-year-old owner who was napping on the floor.

Firefighters came to her rescue and eventually untangled her hair from the jaws of the robot vacuum, which reportedly went unharmed.

But this got us thinking: what are some other times robot vacuum cleaners failed? We did some YouTube searching, and boy there are a bunch.

There are many aftermath stories about robot vacuums smearing dog poop throughout a house. But that’s a pretty crappy situation, and we feel for those humans who need to clean up the mess, so we’re only sharing one of those stories here. If, for whatever reason, you want to see more of those videos, just do a simple search.

Click here for 6 Funny Robot Vacuum Fails.

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