6 Hot Deals on Drones

There's some awesome deals on drones right now, and we suggest you take advantage.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into drones, or know someone who has been thinking about it, there’s never been a better time than now.

There are more drones than ever, the technology is improving, and the prices are coming down. Speaking of prices, there’s some awesome deals on drones right now, and we suggest you take advantage and get into the game, or add to your collection, for cheap. The pain won’t be too bad when you crash a $40 drone vs. a $1,000 drone.

Check out these deals below. If you see a deal, let me know about it at scrowe@ehpub.com.

60% Off Snowflake Micro-Drone

The Snowflake Micro-Drone can perform 4-way flips and 360˚rolls in any direction to make it a fun flying experience. And it features anti-collision technology so you can soar, hover, flip, tilt, or join a fleet of drones without worries. The Snowflake Micro-Drone, which features a flight time of 5-7 minutes, features 6-axis gyro technology for steady flights, a high-speed mode for outdoor racing, 4 multi-color LED lights and much more.

The going price for the Snowflake Micro-Drone is $100, but it’s on sale for 60% off for just $39.99. Again, an inexpensive introduction to drones if you’re a rookie.

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56% Off Holy Stone Mini RC Drone with 720p HD Camera

This drone comes with four speeds designed to accommodate all drone flyers. It features a 6 Axis Gyro for posture control and easy flying and 360° 4-way flips (left,right,forward,backward). It also comes with a 720p HD camera for drone photography fun.

The regular price is $159.99, but Amazon is currently offering it at 56% off for $69.99.

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50% Off Limited-Edition ‘Code Black’ HD-Camera Drone

This little drone, with a flight time of about 10 minutes, fits in your palm, and uses 6-axis gyro technology for a smooth flight. It’s a great introductory drone for anyone looking get into aerial photography and features a 720p HD camera that records onto a micro SDHC card.

The regular price is $199, but Code Black Drone is currently offering this at 50% off for $99. Hurry, deal ends soon.

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46% Off Extreme Micro-Drone 2.0 w/ Camera

The Micro Drone 2.0 is equipped with an aerial camera so you can capture photos and video while flipping through the skies. It features a flying range of up to 400 feet and weighs just more than 1 oz. Here are some more specs:

  • Carries an included camera w/ a swiveling lens to capture all angles
  • Pre-programmed algorithm to perform 360-degree flips and stabilize back to flying position
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Durable for flying indoors and out
  • Includes 4 spare blades and a mini screwdriver for attaching the camera

The regular price is $139, but Extreme Fliers is offering it at 46% off for $74.99.

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41% Off SKEYE Nano Drone

If you’re looking for a nearly undetectable drone that can perform some airborne stunts, look no further than this SKEYE Nano Drone, which is the world’s smallest precision-controlled quadcopter. The Nano Drone provides high thrust, low weight, and has incredibly responsive controls that are complemented by advanced hardware to give the Nano Drone outstanding stability and maneuverability. Here are some specs:

  • RTF (ready to fly) technology
  • 6-axis flight control system w/ adjustable gyro sensitivity
  • Extreme portability
  • 3 flight modes: beginner, advanced pilots, and seasoned flight veterans
  • Stable & easy to fly
  • Aerobatic “flip” capability
  • LED lights for night flights

Regular price for the SKEYE Nano Drone $60, but Android Authority is currently offering it for 41% off at $34.99. The deal comes with free shipping.

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33% Off Axis Nano Drone Pre-Orders

The Axis Nano Drone for Beginners is designed for durable indoor flight, so you can master flight techniques without worrying about fatal crashes and broken propellers. Flight time is only 5-7 minutes and it must stay within 150 feet of you. And it’s quite small, coming in at 0.5 oz and 3.5”” x 1”.

Again, this is 33% off pre-orders of the drone, so orders will start shipping in mid-May.  Regular price is $60, but iPhone Hacks has it at 33% off for $40.

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