6 Ways Drones Are Saving the Planet

A look at projects from around the world that show how drones can be tools to help save the planet.

Drones certainly are a contentious topic, huh?

If you mention how drones are interfering with firefighters and nearly colliding with planes, calling for something to be done, the drone enthusiasts come out of the woodwork and call you a fear-monger.

We certainly don’t want to be alarmists, but you can’t ignore these issues either. Whether you think a drone can take down an airplane or not, we can all agree drones shouldn’t be flying near commercial airplanes with 100+ passengers onboard.

I digress. In reality, drones are doing a lot of good in this world. Everyday researchers across the globe are testing new applications that making the world a safer, better place.

We’ve rounded up six applications - there are many more - that should help subside some of the fear and bad publicity recently surrounding drones. Let us know what planet-saving drone application is your favorite, whether it’s on this list or not.

Click here for 6 Ways Drones Are Saving the Planet.

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