A Quick History of AI: Infographic

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since Alan Turing created a standard for what determined a machine to be intelligent in the 1950s.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has existed since the 1950s when Alan Turing created a standard for what determined a machine to be “intelligent.”

Since then, AI has evolved and new applications have emerged in various industries. Now, AI is being integrated with other technologies and used in a number of different ways, including self-driving cars, IBM’s Watson and many consumer technology devices.

Speaking during his “The Emerging Era of Embodied Cognitive Computing” keynote at RoboBusiness 2015, Rob High, chief technology officer of IBM Watson, said the ability of robots to share observations and learn through AI in the cloud could make them both collectively and individually smarter.

So while AI continues to grow at a rapid rate, scaring many technology leaders along the way, AI has already come a long way. Narrative Science put together the following infographic to show how AI has changed throughout the years.

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