Amazon Echo Adds Capitol One Banking Support

Amazon Echo continues to expand its skills, adding support for Capitol One banking that allows customers to use their voice to pay credit card bills, check balances, and more.

When it comes to in-home robotic assistants, Amazon Echo continues to expand its lead. Echo has added support for Capitol One banking, allowing customers to use their voice to pay credit card bills, check balances, and more.

The Capital One skill can be added via the Amazon Alexa app. Capitol One, which is the first financial institution to hop aboard the Alexa train, is promising that users’ account information remains encrypted, and even Amazon can’t access it. For added safety, Alexa will ask you for a PIN before it can complete any task.

Scroll ahead to the 0:47 mark in the video at the top of this page to see the Amazon Echo’s Capitol One functionality in action.

The Capitol One banking functionality isn’t just limited to Amazon Echo, either. The new Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Fire TV will also have this functionality.

This is among the latest batch of features being added to Amazon Echo. It recently added support for Honeywell and Nest thermostats - two of the biggest thermostat brands around. Both Honeywell and Nest Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats should work with Alexa by the end of March 2016, Amazon said.

Amazon Echo also received official support for the Ecobee3 connected thermostat. Amazon Echo and the Ecobee3 are integrated through an API called Alexa Connected Home skills.

We’ve also seen Amazon Alexa control an electric wheelchair and control a 3D Robotics Iris+ drone with voice commands.


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