Anki DRIVE Starter Kit

Anki Drive is a battle-racing game your whole family can enjoy.

AnkiDRIVE Starter Kit Images

Anki DRIVE is a great battle-race experience right out of the box with the Starter Kit.  Anki offers a first-of-its-kind racing game that lets players use a mobile app to race real battle-equipped toy cars - alone or against friends. Ideal for ages 8 and up, AnkiDrive is powered by robotics, each car has the ability to steer and battle for itself. The more you play the more powerful your cars become. To get started, roll out the track, pick your car, and download the free app to take control of your car and customize it with exclusive upgrades.

Anki DRIVE also requires at least one compatible iOS or Android device. A list of compatible devices can be found here.The current version of the Anki Drive app for iOS and Android does not support cross platform multiplayer games. Anki DRIVE is intended for indoor-use only. The track can be placed on any flat surface, though flooring or a low-pile carpet works best.

The AnkiDRIVE app has multiple game modes including Battle Mode, Race Mode, and a Practice Mode. The iOS app has the addition of Team Mode and Balance Mode, where you can select human or AI players to battle as a team or level the playing field if you have a newbie (coming soon to Android). You can also invent your own games, for example by placing obstacles on the track.

Up to four vehicles can play at once, although the Starter Kit contains two vehicles. Additional vehicles are sold separately. Each vehicle contains a rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery. An 8-minute charge gives up to 20 minutes of game play (about 3 to 5 games).


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