Apple iDrone Quadcopter Coming in 2016?

A German designer has created mockups of what he thinks an Apple drone should look like. Check out the realistic design.

Does Apple have any plans to get into the drone business? Only CEO Tim Cook knows for sure, but it might not be a bad idea. After all, a lot of the work has already been done for the tech giant.

German graphic designer Eric Huismann wants an Apple drone so bad that he went ahead and designed one himself. The Apple iDrone certainly looks real, but it’s just a concept - at this point. And Huismann didn’t call it the iDrone, either, we just thought it was too fitting not to be called that. Apple can thank us later.

But his design is quite elegant, and certainly looks as if it came straight from Apple’s marketing department. The white and black quadcopter features Apple’s sleek, curved and minimalist design with the Apple logo in the middle.

Huismann imagines the iDrone would be controlled with an Xbox-like controller that mounts to your iPhone or iPad. Here are some of the other features suggested by Huismann:

  • 4 iSight cameras built into the legs
  • 4K video capturing and video stabilization
  • Panoramic mode that uses all cameras at once
  • Ability to stream real-time HD video to your Apple device

The iDrone certainly looks like a real product, but don’t expect Cook to bring it out at the next Apple event.

Here are more of Huismann’s mockups.

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