B-Unstoppable Flying Tank Drone Launches on Kickstarter

B-Unstoppable can drive through a variety of terrain, but if the going gets tough it can take to the air.

Photo Caption: The B-Unstoppable flying tank drone has caterpillar tracks and four propellers.

A new vehicle dubbed the “world’s first hybrid tank quadcopter” has launched on Kickstarter. Called B-Unstoppable, the vehicle has four propellers to fly and two caterpillar tracks drive on the ground.

While in the air, B-Unstoppable is controlled like any other quadcopter. On the ground each track is controlled by separate channel so you get the full experience of driving a tank. To switch between the two modes, all you need to do is simply flip a switch to convert from tank to quadcopter.

So here’s the idea: On the ground, the B-Unstoppable is able to clamber over a variety of terrain. But if the going gets tough it can take to the air and fly around.

B-Unstoppable can fly for 9 minutes and drive for 12-18 minutes. The combined endurance for flying/driving is 12-15 minutes. It has powerful coreless DC motors and a 900 mAh Li-po battery. It comes with 2.4 GHz radio transmitter and front and back lights that tell you when the battery is low and helps you fly at night.

The vehicle is being built by Witold Mielniczek, who is trying to raise $77,061 on Kickstarter to fund the project. As of press time, the campaign had raised $18,376. For $85 backers can land an early bird price, with costs gradually increasing as more backers take up the lower options.

This isn’t Mielniczek’s first rodeo, either. According to Gizmag, Mielniczek turned to Kickstarter in 2013 to fund B, a combination radio-controlled car and quadcopter. Its ability to both fly through the air and drive along the ground was certainly intriguing, but it didn’t move well through tough terrain, which ultimately led to its demise.

Some of the major differences between B and B-Unstoppable:
  • B-Unstoppable swaps wheels for neoprene tank-like treads
  • B-Unstoppable can turn 360 degrees on the spot
If the funding goal is met, Mielniczek says B-Unstoppable will be available in October 2015. There will be several available packages:
  • A basic model that allows you to install your own camera
  • A model that features a built-in 720p DVR camera that records footage for subsequent viewing
  • A model that includes a 720p FPV (first person view) package

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