Children’s Book to Teach about Robots, Physics and Diversity

The book's premise is a future society in which modern robots have outclassed their more primitive original incarnations. But then a disaster occurs that…

A robotic dystopia that aims to teach both physics and diversity in a story co-written by children?

That’s one of the newest crowdfunding appeals, with an interesting premise, adorable artwork and even a public plea to eventually take it into the cinema.

So far it has 83 backers donating a total of $1,501 of the needed $7,777, with four weeks left to go.

Apparently inspired by animated features such as “Cars” and “Planes,” the proposed book, “Stinky Robots,” posits an unspecific future in which robots rule; well, one tribe of them does.

The FutuRobots are modern, sleek, digital and at the top of the food chain (so to speak). The mechanical, old-school, analog robots are the StinkyRobots and are lower-caste.

But then occurs that classic SF catastrophe (and, in fact, an actual physical possibility) – an EMP or electromagnetic pulse. It renders all electricity-based devices suddenly, completely and permanently useless.  But don’t worry, there’s a happy ending—this is a children’s book, after all—when the previously much-maligned Stinkies step in to save the day.

The authors, a father and his young son from tiny Bolinas, Calif., and artists from nations all over the world have created characters with well-developed personalities and illustrations.

It’s all detailed on the websites and and can be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

The text on Kickstarter says, “Stinky Robots is a love story told through robots. It is a story of the importance of loving and respecting all the diverse and unique members of our communities.”

The developers are dreaming big: first the book, then the movie. The Kickstarter text gets specific:  “Call us, John Lasseter. We’re serious. We’d really love for you guys to take our dream to the next level.”

If it were to happen, it would be sort of like a cartoonish, G-rated version of Space Cowboys. I wonder whether Tommy Lee Jones, Clint Eastwood, James Garner or Donald Sutherland would be available?


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