Dad Uses Star Wars Drone to Pull Daughter’s Tooth

Kelly Starrett of MobilityWod used a Millennium Falcon drone to pull his daughter's loose tooth.

Drones are useful little flying robots, huh? They can deliver wine, clear snow from your walkway, and transport humans.

Apparently it’s time to add dentist to the repertoire.

Kelly Starrett of MobilityWod used a Millennium Falcon drone to pull his daughter’s loose tooth. Starrett tied a piece of string to his daughter’s tooth and to the drone, fired up the drone and, pop, out it came without a hitch.

The girl even yelled “I love you Chewie” as the drone took off. According to Starrett’s Instagram post, this operation had been in the works for months.

What’s next? Haircuts via drone? Oh, wait, that’s already been attempted, too.

Check out the picture below of Starrett getting his daughter ready for the operation. I wonder whose idea this was? Creative, to say the least.

Guess I’ll have to step up my tooth-pulling game when my 2-year-old starts losing her teeth. But, I’m sure there will be some creepy humanoid in my house by then to do that.

[Source] Mashable

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