Drone Flies within 10 Feet of Seaplane’s Windshield

A Seair plane was about 40 feet from touching down on a river when a drone came within 10 feet of the windshield.

Photo Caption: A Seair Seaplanes Cessna 208 (C-FJOE)

A drone narrowly missed a midair collision with a seaplane in Vancouver, CBC News reports.

Citing an incident report filed with Transport Canada, a Seair Seaplanes Cessna 208 was about 40 feet from touching down on a river when a drone came within 10 feet of the windshield.

The four-propeller drone “turned north, towards the airport, following the near miss, before going out of sight.”

Incidents like this are becoming common place. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently said it receives a couple of reports every day from pilots who spot drones.

Three drones were recently spotted within three days at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. The pilots of Delta, JetBlue, and Shuttle America flights all radioed into air traffic control to report what they saw.

As a result, the Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning that drones could be used by terrorists.

“The rising trend in UAS incidents within the National Airspace System will continue, as UAS gain wider appeal with recreational users and commercial applications,” the statement reads. “While many of these encounters are not malicious in nature, they underscore potential security vulnerabilities … that could be used by adversaries to leverage UAS as part of an attack.”

[Source:] CBC News

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