Drone Registration Deadline Arrives Amid Confusion, Controversy

Steve Hogan stops by the Robotics Trends Podcast to discuss the first two months of the FAA's drone registration system and the impact recent lawsuits will have on the future of drone registration.

Photo Caption: More than 342,000 hobbyists have registered their drones with the Federal Aviation Administration, which set a deadline of Feb. 19, 2016 to register. (Photo Credit: FAA)

In this episode of the Robotics Trends Podcast, we chat with Steve Hogan, an attorney at Ausley McMullen in Tallahassee, Florida. One of Hogan’s focuses is commercial drones on the state and local levels.

We reflect on the first two months of the drone registration system, discuss the recent lawsuits filed against the FAA that claim the registration violates Section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, and try to determine if drones should be considered aircraft.

Listen to the podcast using the embedded player below and share your thoughts on the FAA’s drone registration system.

Listen to the podcast using the embedded player below.

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Podcast rundown

  • Hosts: Steve Crowe, Steve Hogan
  • Duration: 22:40
  • Confusion About Drone Registration Process: 1:30
  • Has the FAA Done Enough to Educate the Public?: 4:50
  • Would the FAA Make an Example of Someone?: 7:20
  • SkyPan $1.9M Fine: 10:17
  • Are Drones the Same as Aircrafts?: 11:20
  • Second Lawsuit over Drone Registration: 13:08
  • Using Eagle to Hunt Rogue Drones : 19:30
  • Next Steps for Drone Registration: 21:30



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