Fire Department Rescues Woman Attacked by Robot Vacuum

A 52-year-old South Korean woman was "attacked" by her robot vacuum while she was napping on the floor.

Photo Caption: Firefighters were called to the rescue as a robot vacuum mistakenly ingested the hair of a South Korean woman who was sleeping on the floor.

Update: iRobot reached out to Robotics Trends to say the robot vacuum in this story was not one of its models. iRobot said “Customer safety is paramount at iRobot - all products are developed with this in mind.”

Be warned: the robot uprising has officially begun.

A 52-year-old South Korean woman was “attacked” by her iRobot Roomba robot vacuum (see image above) while she was napping on the floor.

Sitting and sleeping on the floor is common practice in South Korea, and the Roomba robot vacuum ran for more than a minute after latching onto the woman’s hair.

The woman, who has not been identified, had to call 119 (South Korea’s emergency telephone number) and have firefighters free her from the death grip of the Roomba. She did lose a few strands of hair, however.

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RoombasRobot vacuums have sensors to avoid obstructions and avoid stairs, and it scans for dirt on floors and ingests it automatically. But apparently they can’t tell the difference between dirt and hair that’s still attached to a human’s head.

Reports say the robot was unharmed, but it’s not clear whether it still has a job at this South Korean home.

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