Google Self-Driving Car Runs Over People in GTA 5 Mod

A Grand Theft Auto V mod shows a Google self-driving car wreaking havoc in Los Santos, running over people on sidewalks and driving the wrong way on the highway.

Quick: what’s the last car you’d ever want to use in the video game series Grand Theft Auto? Surely all GTA fans would never want to use a safe, responsible self-driving car while driving around Los Santos. The appeal of GTA is endless amounts of mayhem, and cars are certainly one of the weapons of choice.

That’s what makes this GTA 5 mod from YouTube user “pizzaforbreakfast” so hilarious. He made a parody clip of what would happen when a Google self-driving car drives around Los Santos. And, in true GTA fashion, the self-driving car goes haywire and starts running people over on sidewalks, driving the wrong direction on the highway, and doing many other things you’d never expect to see from a Google self-driving car.

Google’s self-driving car, of course, has caused only one accident in the nearly 2 million miles it’s been tested. On Valentine’s Day 2016, a Google self-driving car hit a public transit bus in California as it was trying to get around some sandbags on a street. Nobody was injured during the accident.

Not that video game mods are meant to be accurate, but using an Autopilot-equipped Tesla Model S would have been a better representation of potential GTA-style mayhem from self-driving cars.

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