Hacked Roomba is the World’s Fastest Robot Vacuum

Most robot vacuums take a while to clean your house. Not this one.

Robot vacuums are designed to be methodical, thorough cleaning machines. One common grip though is that they take a while to clean, especially large spaces.

There’s a funny new video on YouTube that offers a glimpse into what would happen if an iRobot Roomba vacuum moved a little quicker. OK, a lot quicker.

In his video description, creator Roland Saekow writes that the “modified 10 year old Roomba Discovery 4210 features 600 RPM planetary gear motors, a dual 12A motor driver and is powered by a standard 14V Roomba battery. Made at the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, UC Berkeley.”

As we’ve seen before, this is probably just the shell of a Roomba Discovery 4210 shell on an RC car. A Roomba probably wouldn’t be an effective cleaner moving at this speed, but imagine if this hopped-up Roomba could do a quick cleaning of your house as the in-laws are walking up the driveway? Life-saver.

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We reached out to iRobot for specs of the Roomba Discovery 4210 to see just how much faster this modified version is, but the company didn’t have that information readily available. If it’s passed along, we’ll update this story.

I wonder how it would do dodging your furniture and avoiding the stairs at this speed? Probably not too good.

A similar YouTube video surfaced a month ago showing a modified Roomba racing around a public park. We need to get these two super Roombas together and find out once and for all which is the fastest Roomba in the world.

And can we keep this modified Roomba Discovery 4210 away from the dog poop, please?

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