Hands On: FURo-i Home Personal Robot

The FURo-i Home Edition is a sleek, diminutive robot that is Future Marketing's answer to the hectic family life that needs a little help keeping together and in contact.

At the 2013 International CES, the big winners were 3D printers. In 2014, exoskeletons were the anointed technology. At CES 2015, drones and personal robots are in the wings readying for a breakout year.

There are three personal robots waiting in the wings: Jimmy, Pepper and Jibo. Intel’s Jimmy will go on sale late in 2015; Softbank’s Pepper is on sale in Tokyo, and will be rolled out to the U.S. mid-year (more than likely sold in 2600 of Softbank’s Sprint stores. Price: $1900); and Jibo will be out in a developer edition late in 2015.

At CES 2015, there was one personal robot was already waiting for buyers: the FURo-i Home robot from Korea’s Future Robot. CK Song, founder and CEO of Future Robot, sat comfortably on a white leather couch in his spacious expo at the Robotics Trends’ Robot Marketplace watching his FURo-i cavort with an aide.

The sleek, diminutive robot, rolling around beneath an ad banner of Connecting Family, is Song’s answer to hectic family life that needs a little help keeping together and in contact.

“FURo is on sale right now,” he said, proudly noting that he’s first in the marketplace with a personal robot, “and we’re selling them worldwide.”

Song says the FURo will retail for about $1,200 (well within the consumer sweet spot) and he hopes to sell 10,000 units during 2015.

Future Robot has also donated a FURo-i Home robot as a raffle giveaway in honor of our newly re-launched Robotics Trends. Click here for your chance to win.

It offers 4 modes that allow you to look around your home (Home View), chat with family (Family Chat), plan your day (FURo Planner), and control your home devices (Home Auto).
Here’s a closer look at what the FURO-i can do:

Home View allows you to cruise around your house to watch your child sleep or check in on the dog.

Family Chat allows you to talk to your family in remote locations. Not only can you see their faces, but you can move the robot around.

With FURo Planner, you can better plan your daily schedule, set up an alarm, and remind yourself to take any medications.

Home Auto enables you to control devices in your home via smartphone, including the lights, music, TV and other electronics.

The robot will also feature a security function to keep your home safe while you’re asleep or away.


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