Interactive Map Tracks Drone, Self-Driving Car Legislation

AUVSI's "2016 State Unmanned Systems Legislation" map keeps track of 150-plus active bills pertaining to unmanned systems in the USA.

Keeping track of legislation related to drones and self-driving cars is no easy task. So kudos to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) for putting together this interactive map that does just that.

AUVSI organized data on all unmanned systems-related state legislation into a sortable, interactive map with details that include a summary of each bill. At the time it launched the map, AUVSI said there were more than 150 active bills in more than 30 states either carried over from 2015 or introduced in 2016.

Here’s more from AUVSI about the “2016 State Unmanned Systems Legislation” map:

“As the 2016 legislative session kicked off this month, AUVSI has been busy tracking all active legislation pertaining to unmanned systems. This includes, for example, bills that place restrictions on police, recreational or commercial unmanned aircraft systems; legislation that forms unmanned systems or autonomous vehicle commissions and task forces; or bills that try to treat unmanned technology differently than other information-gathering devices, all the way down to bills that place operating limitations on UAS in very specific scenarios such as preventing all UAS from flying over prisons or from interfering with hunting and fishing.”

Check out the interactive map below.

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