Jibo SDK Demos Kitchen Assistant Skill

A developer demos the Jibo Kitchen Assistant skill to show how the social robot can help you become a master chef.

Jibo the social robot has always touted itself as being a friendly personal assistant, especially in the kitchen. Now, we have a little glimpse of how Jibo the kitchen assistant works courtesy the Jibo SDK.

One Jibo developer, dubbed “The Web Pro,” posted the above YouTube video of the “Jibo Kitchen Assistant” skill he’s working on. Obviously it’s only a simulation at this point, but this would be quite helpful to amateur chefs like myself—if this can be replicated on the real Jibo.

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Here’s how the YouTube video description describes what Jibo Kitchen Assistant can do:

“He’ll work as a grocery list, letting you easily add and remove items from your shopping list, one or multiple at a time, even scanning items in and out (if this feature actually works in the SDK). He’ll send you the list to your phone when you ask and clear it when you come home.

“He’s a quick measurement converter so a “Hey Jibo, how many teaspoons are in a cup?” will always be just a question away.

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“And, the best part, he’s a chef. He’ll have categorized recipes so you can easily start cooking without having to search the internet. Each recipe is custom-tailored to Jibo and he’ll walk you through the ingredients and steps in making the recipe, guiding you all the way with his instructions and visually using photos. He’ll even set timers so you don’t have to so you can do other things while the oven is doing it’s thing. His recipe book will start with categories like desserts and appetizers, but will quickly grow to include entrees, soups, specialty items, and much more.”

In a Reddit thread, “The Web Pro” also noted that Jibo Kitchen Assistant currently reacts to the following phrases:

  • “Could you put cereal and pickled onions on the grocery list?”
  • “Send me the shopping list please.”
  • “What low-fat dessert recipes do you know?”
  • “Do you know how to make crepes?”
  • “Let’s make chocolate chip cookies.”
  • “How long does it take to make quesadillas?”
  • “What are the ingredients in ice cream?”
  • “How much milk is in cookies?”
  • “Scan this item into the grocery list.” (not yet implemented)

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Steve Crowe · September 6, 2016 · 10:44 am

How confident are you that this skill will be able to work as demo’d here when Jibo ships?

CodeMonkey2k5 · September 4, 2016 · 12:16 pm

This will be a must have skill for my Jibo!

CodeMonkey2k5 · September 4, 2016 at 12:16 pm

This will be a must have skill for my Jibo!

Steve Crowe · September 6, 2016 at 10:44 am

How confident are you that this skill will be able to work as demo’d here when Jibo ships?

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