MegaBots Still Hyping Giant Fighting Robots

MegaBots has released a trailer for season one of its web series, but says it still doesn't know when the giant robot fight against Japan will actually happen.

MegaBots continues to string us along, hyping the giant robot fight that many have been waiting for.

MegaBots (Team USA) challenged Suidobashy Heavy Industies (Team Japan) to a giant robot duel. The heavyweight fighters are MegaBots’ 16-foot-tall robot called Mk2 and Suidobashy’s 9,000-pound robot KURATAS.

Team Japan accepted the challenge in June 2015, but things have been quiet since. Until now, kind of.

MegaBots admits it doesn’t know when the fight will actually happen, but it has released the first trailer for its upcoming web series that follows the challenges of building Mk2. Of course, MegaBots also makes sure to point out that it “went way overboard” by hiring “an Emmy-nominated video production staff full time” to capture everything that goes into building a combat robot.

MegaBots says the first episode of its web series will drop September 28th on its YouTube channel and Facebook page. A new episode will hopefully then be released every two weeks leading up to the finale - whenever that is.

MegaBots demoed Mk2 at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, and it was reportedly a total bust. Let’s hope the actual robot fight, if it ever happens, lives up to all this hype.

Anyway, here’s more MegaBots hype on what to expect in the web series:

“This first season follows the MegaBots team as we do things like destroy the Mk2 (for SCIENCE), test drive the 350HP track base at Howe & Howe, test a giant pile of construction-equipment-sized hand-to-hand weapons, build test fixtures to fight against, study human physiology and combat techniques, and much, much more. Oh, and we build the largest (16ft tall), heaviest (10-ton), most powerful (350HP) sports combat robot in the world. No big deal.

“Since we’ve produced it ourselves, we’ll be releasing all of our videos on our YouTube and Facebook channels - subscribe to watch our episodes, and follow the fight! The first episode drops on September 28th, and after that, we’re aiming for a release schedule of every two weeks - exact timing will be a little touch and go because we’re still filming. We’ll keep you guys in the loop!

“Unfortunately, we don’t have updates for you regarding the duel itself. We’ll let you know the second all the contracts are signed and we can have an official press release. What we can say, though, is that it better be obvious what the final episode of this season ends up being.

“Filming this series, and making sure we don’t give too much of the story away, has been a big part of why we’ve been so quiet. Hopefully now you guys get to see exactly why this has taken so long - because it’s going to be so awesome!”

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