Melonee Wise to Deliver RoboBusiness Closing Keynote

Melonee Wise, CEO of RBR50 company Fetch Robotics, will deliver the closing keynote at RoboBusiness 2017. Her keynote, "The Future of Intelligent Automation," will reflect on the lessons learned from RoboBusiness and how AI and robotics will continue to evolve and re-shape industry and society.

RoboBusiness is proud to announce that Melonee Wise, CEO of RBR50 company Fetch Robotics, will deliver the closing keynote at RoboBusiness 2017 (Sept. 27-28, Santa Clara, Calif.).

Wise’s keynote, “The Future of Intelligent Automation,” will reflect on the biggest lessons learned from RoboBusiness. Wise will also share her vision of how AI and robotics will continue to evolve and re-shape industry and society in the near term.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Fetch Robotics develops collaborative, autonomous mobile robots for the warehousing and logistics markets, introducing its Fetch and Freight robots in 2015. Recently, Fetch successfully completed a pilot with technology group Wärtsilä and DHL, the world’s leading logistics company. The companies teamed up to test Fetch’s mobile robots to learn about the added value of robotics in a warehouse environment and to learn about the human–technology interface between robots and employees.

On August 21, 2017, Fetch partnered with Surgere, an industry leader in providing visibility and control within a digitized supply chain. Surgere launched its Robotically Optimized and Balanced Inventory (ROBi) product to help automate cycle counts and improve overall accuracy of on-hand inventory within automotive manufacturing and warehouse environments.

ROBi integrates Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology with Fetch mobile robots to autonomously capture RFID label information from all angles and directions. Moving on programmable routes, the integrated platform transfers asset identification and location data to Surgere’s cloud-based asset management system.

Prior to joining Fetch, Wise was CEO and co-founder of Unbounded Robotics. Before that, Wise was Manager of Robot Development at Willow Garage, where she led a team of engineers developing next-generation robot hardware, including the PR2 and TurtleBot. She also has extensive experience in the growth of ROS as a research and commercial platform. Melonee is currently a Mentor in the Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator.

Wise was also recently named by Business Insider as one of eight CEOs changing the way we work today and breaking ground for the way we’ll work tomorrow.

RoboBusiness is the only event dedicated to meeting the needs of the entire robotics ecosystem, by addressing the challenges of doing business in an ever-increasing robotics and automation landscape. Join thousands from around the world as they learn to build robotics strategies that can be immediately put to use.


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