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Ozobot works seamlessly on iOS and Android and makes learning life skills fun, affordable and accessible to all.

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Ozobot is a small USB charged robot that tracks lines to follow a path. Ozobot can read different colors on the line to adjust its behavior: speed, direction, path finding.

This combines with a variety of physical and tablet games to create a product that crosses over the traditional game-toy divide. It can also do this in play, traveling seamlessly from a circuit on the iPad onto a physically drawn path — again opening up new game-mechanics.

Racetracks, mazes, mind teasers, and dance routines are just a part of Ozobot’s world of smart entertainment. Using markets, draw lines, paths and tracks for Ozobot to explore or download free Ozobot Apps for some one-of-a-kind social, strategic and competitive games. Ozobot works seamlessly on iOS and Android and makes learning life skills fun, affordable and accessible to all.

Why markers? Because except for a microUSB charging port, the Ozobot has no way to connect to your computer or communicate with a mobile device. There’s no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth either, so uploading a program or commands to the bot just isn’t possible. Instead, the underside of the Ozobot features a series of sensors for detecting color and contrast, allowing it to follow paths drawn on a white piece of paper, or generated by an accompanying tablet app.

There is some measure of artificial intelligence baked into Ozobot’s firmware, allowing it to make random decisions on where to turn when the line it’s following ends up in an intersection. But Ozobot can also be told how to behave differently by simply introducing specific colored sequences into the path it’s following. For example, if it rolls over a sequence of blue, red, blue, it will turn around and reverse direction. Where as blue, green, blue will instead cause it to increase speed.


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