Podcast: Talking 3D Printed Robotic Hands with Joel Gibbard

We discuss Open Bionics' Frozen, Iron Man, and Star Wars robot hands and what Disney-themed characters might be used in the future.

Open Bionics recently unveiled three superhero-infused robotics hands designed for kids. The UK startup, which is part of the Disney Accelerator program, was given royalty-free use to 3D print robotic hands based on Frozen, Iron Man and Star Wars.

These robotic hands are intended to stand out and allow the children to proudly wear their prosthesis. Open Bionics can 3D-scan an amputee and build them a custom-fit hand in less than two days. This is certainly much faster than most other prosthetics on the market, which can take weeks or months to make.

In this episode of the Robotics Trends Show, we spoke with Open Bionics founder Joel Gibbard about where the inspiration for the superhero-themed hands came from, how the robotic hand works and helps amputees, and what Disney-themed robotic hands we might see next from the company.

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Podcast rundown

  • Hosts: Steve Crowe, Joel Gibbard
  • Duration: 22:16
  • How the Hand Works: 1:31
  • Durability of the Hand: 6:00
  • Evolution of the Hand: 7:58
  • How Amputees Use the Hand: 10:14
  • Superhero Hands: 11:34
  • 2-Year-Old Charlotte: 15:13
  • Commercial Availability: 18:30
  • Direct to Consumer: 19:34

About the Author

Steve Crowe · Steve Crowe is managing editor of Robotics Trends. Steve has been writing about technology since 2008. He lives in Belchertown, MA with his wife and daughter.
Contact Steve Crowe: scrowe@ehpub.com  ·  View More by Steve Crowe.


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