3DV Systems Announces ZCAM™, Low Cost Real-Time Depth Sensing Camera
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jan 14, 2008
3DV Systems, an Israel based technology firm focused on sophisticated imaging technologies, has announced ZCam™, a low cost 3D PC camera that senses depth in real-time. 3DV’s new camera has the potential to radically change human-machine interfaces with its fine gesture recognition capability, in industries such as computing, consumer electronics, video games, automotive and robotics. The company’s focus for the launch of ZCam™ will be the fast growing PC and video game industry.

“ZCam™ enables gamers, in a way never before possible, to interact intuitively and naturally with games,” Zvika Klier, CEO, 3dv Systems, said. “We invite content developers to join us in creating a new innovative experience, and are very excited by the reaction of the developer community so far.”

ZCam™ is the first camera of its kind that offers unparalleled total immersion in the interactive experience. As gamers become the interface, the game design will determine how the inputs work: motion can be navigated simply with a thumb or the entire body can become the controller through three-dimensional movement. The player can be represented in the game with his/her own real-time image and the game can be operated either bare-handed or with a designated object, replacing the need for a control pad.

ZCam™ offers real-time depth imaging at 60 frames per second, eliminating any perceived latency. The low CPU consumption of the unit means that gamers will not drain their systems of processing power. ZCam™ boasts the highest resolution on the market and since the camera works independent of lighting conditions, it will work flawlessly in any room, night or day. 3DV’s new product comes in a sturdy casing with a small footprint so it will fit in any entertainment setup while being easily portable.

The company believes that gesture-based controls will open up a new world of innovation in games, creating a true next generation in interactive entertainment. ZCam™ comes with an easy-to-use Software Development Kit that will allow developers to enhance existing games or create brand new innovative ideas the industry has yet to dream up.

About 3DV Systems
Headquartered in Yokne’am, Israel, 3DV Systems is a pioneer and world leader in three-dimensional video imaging. The company has developed a unique proprietary technology which enables cameras to capture the depth dimension of objects in real time, high speed and very high resolution. For more information on 3DV Systems, please visit http://www.3dvsystems.com.

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