ABB Expands Midrange Robot Portfolio with New IRB 2600
The family of fourth-generation robots, in the 12 to 20 kg payload class, is designed to increase productivity in arc welding, material handling, machine tending, and other process applications.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Dec 07, 2010

Profile of the new IRB 2600 from ABB.


Industrial robot supplier ABB Robotics has introduced its new IRB 2600, the latest model in the company’s medium-capacity range of multipurpose robots. The IRB 2600 features a compact design, an ultra-wide working range, and a payload capacity up to 20 kg.

ABB says the 2600 also offers the best accuracy and speed in its class, improving productivity through increased output, faster cycle times, and lower scrap rates. The IRB 2600 is suited for arc welding, machine tending, material handling, and a variety of process applications.

The IRB 2600 is the second introduction from ABB’s fourth generation of midrange industrial robots, a structured portfolio redesign that began with the 2009 introduction of the IRB 4600 family of robots in the 20 to 60 kg payload range. At weights of 284 kg and 435 kg, respectively, for the heaviest models, the IRB 2600 and IRB 4600 are among the lightest robots available in their payload ranges.

The IRB 2600 offers the following system design and performance features:

Flexible mounting: The IRB 2600 can be floor-, wall-, invert-, or shelf-mounted, helping to reduce floor space requirements and increasing access to the equipment being served. Wall mounting is a new possibility for a robot of this size.

Compact and lightweight: The total arm weight of the 2600 is less than 300 kg and occupies less floor space than other robot in its class, according to ABB. This improves working range and makes it easier for the arm to reach down below its own base, allowing for smaller production cells.

Speed and improved cycle times: The IRB 2600 is quick and can improve production cycle times by up to 25 percent, according to ABB. The high joint speeds and quick acceleration are achieved by combining lightweight mechanical linkages and ABB’s patented, second-generation QuickMove motion control technology.

Three versions - all protected for harsh environments: The IRB 2600 family contains three versions: two short-arm variants (1.65m) for 12 or 20 kg payloads, and a long-arm variant (1.85m) with a 12 kg payload. With the wrist vertical, up to a 27 kg payload is achievable for pick and place packaging applications.

The IRB 2600 has as standard Ingress Protection (IP) 67 rating for the entire robot, and “Foundry Plus 2,” a further protection level, is available as an option.

The new robot family is available with ABB’s IRC5 Robot Controller and is supported by the ABB Robotics global sales and service organization in 53 countries.

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