Advanced Motion Controls Adds to the Z-Drive Servo Family
Company says new modules reduce integration complexity and feature high-current loop bandwidth for quick response times.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Nov 05, 2010

Advanced Motion Controls’ AZ and AZB series of PCB-mount, embedded plug-in servo drive modules are designed for use under normal industrial conditions; the company’s AZX series of modules operate in extended environments. Models within the AZ and AZB series now operate over a 40 to 175 VDC range while delivering up to 20 Amps, for a total of 3.5 kW peak power. With the growing demand for increased power in more robust applications, the 10 to 80 VDC range of the AZX series now delivers up to 25 Amps for up to 2.0 kW of peak power.

There are nearly 50 different models in the AZ, AZB, and ABX servo drive series. Independent models establish operation for motor type—brushed/voice coil or brushless; and operational mode—torque, Hall velocity, or encoder velocity. The servo family is also lightweight, compact, and easy to integrate, according to the company.

The design of the servo drive modules reduces integration complexity, says Advanced Motion Controls, and all units have high-current loop bandwidth for quick response times when used in critical or challenging applications. The units are designed to minimize overall system costs as well.  

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