AeroVironment Awarded $45.8 Million Contract Option for Raven Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Su
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Feb 21, 2008
AeroVironment, Inc. (AV) (NASDAQ: AVAV), a leader in unmanned aircraft systems and efficient electric energy systems, announced that the U.S. Army has ordered additional RQ-11B (Raven) small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and associated services by the exercise of an option under an existing contract.  Each Raven system typically consists of three aircraft, a ground control station, system spares, and related services.  The total award value is $45.8 million and is fully funded.

The option was submitted under the existing U.S. Army joint small UAS program of record for AV’s Raven and will provide systems for the Army and Marine Corps.  This program allows for contract additions from the Army, Special Operations Command and other U.S. military services.  The items provided under this one-year option on the multi-year contract are scheduled to be delivered within one year of the contract award date.

“We are pleased to support the Army and Marine Corps’ expanding rollout of Raven systems to the tactical ground forces that rely on them.  Our partnership with our customers enables us to provide them with battle-proven, durable Raven systems that perform reliably when and where they are needed,” said John Grabowsky, AV executive vice president and general manager of unmanned aircraft systems.  “The increased deployment of Raven systems across the U.S. armed forces reflects the joint and interoperable nature of this solution.”

AV’s Raven is a 4.2-pound, backpackable, hand-launched sensor platform that provides day and night, real-time video imagery for “over the hill” and “around the corner” reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition in support of tactical units.  U.S. armed forces use Ravens extensively for missions such as base security, route reconnaissance, mission planning and force protection.  According to the U.S. Army, Ravens were flown for approximately 150,000 combat hours in 2007.  In addition to Raven, AV’s small UAS include Puma and Wasp, which are also hand-launched and controlled by AV’s hand-held, common ground control station.  AV’s UAS logistics operation supports systems deployed worldwide to ensure a consistently high level of operational readiness.  AV has delivered more than 8,000 small unmanned aircraft to date.

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Building on a history of technological innovation, AV designs, develops, produces, and supports an advanced portfolio of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and efficient electric energy systems.  The company’s small UAS are used extensively by agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense and increasingly by allied military services to provide situational awareness to tactical operating units through real-time, airborne reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition.  AV’s PosiCharge® fast charge systems eliminate battery changing for electric industrial vehicles in factories, airports, and distribution centers.  More information about AV is available at

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