AIBO Reborn As A Walking iPhone Canine
Bandai is releasing a robot dog that uses the iPhone as its head and brain and emulates AIBO general behaviors.
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Jul 03, 2012

Ever wonder what the children would look like if an iPhone mated with the AIBO robot dog? It turns out that you won't have to wait long to find out.

Bandai is about to release a cute little robot dog that uses the iPhone as its head and brain, while emulating quite a few of the AIBO general behaviors.

The robot dog is supported by an iPhone app that will be downloadable free of charge (at least in Japan). According to the information released by Bandai, the robot can walk, dance, sing, take photos and videos, and is capable of approximately 100 behaviors/responses.

As part of the product marketing roll-out, it was featured in a new music video by Meisa Kuroki performing "FRENEMY": Am I going to get one? Absolutely! Just as soon as they hit stores here at the end of April. Pricing is "open price" but is expected to be around $75.00. No information is available yet on Bandai's plans to sell and support the robot outside of Japan.

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