Airbus Employs Humanoids at Spanish Plant
FUTURASSY project explores isolated and collaborative automation options
By Linda Blachly, Air Transport World - Filed Feb 21, 2014

Airbus said its Puerto Real plant in Cádiz, Spain is leading a project to expand the automation of its assembly processes with the use of two armed humanoid robots to perform repetitive tasks. The research and technology project, called FUTURASSY, “aims to introduce a harmonized robotic solution designed to automate the aeronautical assembly processes that could be used across other Airbus sites,” the manufacturer said in a statement.

The project has two areas of research: Airbus Standard Robotic Cells, which looks into the development of solutions to automate the aeronautical assembly processes by generating standard solutions; and Collaborative Robots project, which explores the use of two-arm humanoid robots, specifically designed to work in the same environment as human operators, sharing tools and production resources.

According to Airbus, the first robotic unit arrived this week in Puerto Real from manufacturer Kawada in Japan, and will be integrated at the A380 rudder spar assembly station, where riveting will be shared between human assemblers and the robot.


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