Auto Mee S Cleans Smartphones and Tablets
Takara Tomy's novelty robot takes 4 minutes to clean the fingerprints on a phone
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Feb 07, 2013

Takara Tomy Company, Ltd., the Japanese toy company, recently released a tiny cleaning robot, called the “Auto Mee S”, designed for cleaning smartphone and tablet LCD displays.

We all hate using a smartphone or tablet when the screen's covered in greasy fingerprints. But normally it's a situation that's easy to solve with nothing but a shirt sleeve, or if you're particular, a microfiber cloth. 

With 2 rotating cleaning papers and 3 tires on its bottom, the Auto Mee wipes off fingerprints and dust during its travels over smartphone and tablet displays. A set of three wheels let it roam all over a tablet or smartphone screen, while sensors cause it to change direction when it reaches the edge. It takes 4 minutes to clean smartphones and 8 minutes to clean tablets.

The tiny robot goes for $17 and is due to arrive in stores on March 28. You are able to purchase it in one of 4 colors (Orange, Blue, Pink and White).

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