Baumer Introduces GigE Trigger Device
Low-delay device designed to replace hardware triggers.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Mar 23, 2010

GigE Trigger device controls single or multiple cameras, eliminating the need for hardware triggers and PLC controllers by combining sensor information with machine vision applications.

For automated industrial inspection machines and vision systems, Baumer has introduced the revolutionary GigE Trigger device designed to control single-camera or multi-camera setups, eliminating the need for hardware triggers and greatly simplifying cable requirements.  Featuring multiple input/output ports, these devices can eliminate the need for PLC controllers by combining sensor information with machine vision applications.

With eight (8) inputs and eight (8) outputs, the GigE Trigger device provides many connections for integrating light barriers, encoders, sensors and actuators and eliminates the need for a digital I/O card located in a PC.  The GigE Trigger device itself evaluates input signals and provides real-time control of additional process steps.  To trigger GigE cameras directly, these devices are equipped with a three-port switch - one port controls the internal trigger signals, the second port is connected to the camera, and the third port transfers the images to the PC.  In combination with a GigE switch, the GigE Trigger device can be used to control multiple cameras and supports all Baumer standard GigE cameras or PoE cameras. 

For more information on the Baumer GigE Trigger, contact Baumer at (800) 937-9336, or via e-mail at 

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