Black-I Robotics Awarded TSWG Contract
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jul 31, 2008

US government’s Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) has awarded Massachusetts based Black I Robotics $800K to develop a midsized unmanned ground vehicle based on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology.

Black-I Robotics today announced it was awarded an $800,000 contract from the US government’s Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) to development, test and evaluate a low cost, robust, midsized Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for Defense and Homeland Security Applications.  The platform will have capabilities to remotely perform reconnaissance, provide explosive hazard evaluation, and delivery of tools for the disruption of large vehicle bombs in a hazardous work environment.  This program will also provide advanced robotic platforms for component integration, testing and evaluation in real world operation environments and military mission experiments.

Black-I Robotics will work with TSWG in developing this platform to address the needs of First Responders, military and non-military EOD, SWAT, hazmat, physical security, firefighting, search and rescue, reconnaissance, battlefield casualty extraction, surveillance and target acquisition.

Black I Robotics has developed a flexible and technologically scalable core robot chassis that is adaptable to several major markets.  The company utilizes Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology in conjunction with propriety hardware and open source (JAUS) software.  The addition of Mission Modules (various radios, arms, plows, trailers, sensors) allows the core unit to adapt and excel in multiple niche markets using a common drive train and software.  Black-I is partnering with technical leaders in software and communications to become a lead supplier in affordable robust UGVs.

Black-I Robotics, Inc.  was incorporated in 2006 and is located in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts.  Founder - Brian Hart, a senior executive in pharmacy automation, left a Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical company in 2004 to push Congress for safer military vehicles, adequate body armor for troops and advanced tourniquets after his son, 20 year old PFC John Hart, was killed in action in an unarmored Humvee near Taza, Iraq, in October 2003.

About TSWG
The Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) operates as a program element under the Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office (CTTSO).  TSWG functions across the four pillars of combating terrorism: antiterrorism, counterterrorism, intelligence support, and consequence management.  The bulk of TSWG core funding is provided by the Department of Defense.  Additional funding is supplied by the Department of State, while other government departments and agencies share the costs of selected projects.  Rapid prototyping is the primary focus at the TSWG, but the ultimate goal is to transition products to end users.

Robert Hughes
Vice President
Black I Robotics
P:  978-703-1236

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