c-Link Systems and Technical School Enter Phase 2 of Robotics in the Classroom
Oxford Hills Technical School's pre-engineering class to receive upgraded CNC equipment.
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Feb 09, 2012

A project undertaken by c-Link Systems has moved into a second phase. In Phase 2 we were looking at the existing equipment for the classroom CIM project. The current equipment from the mechanical side would do the job satisfactorily. The control electronics was in mediocre or non-functioning condition.

The particular system will use the TWR-MPC5125 Tower card. This was chosen because of the ability to run Linux which allows c-Link to leverage current CNC software. The total concept was to be open source rather than proprietary in nature.

With the completion of the phase, the retrofit will be released as a product for other schools wanting to maintain existing equipment without the high maintenance cost.

About c-Link Systems

c-Link Systems, Inc., established in 1997, has an extensive background in fiber-optic industrial communications and controls.  The founder has an in-depth background in VME, MBI, MBII, and DS3800 bus structures as well as embedded systems, robotics, and satellite guidance systems. The company has continued to expand into the autonomous vehicle and educational arenas.

SOURCE: c-Link Systems

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