Evolution Robotics Crosses the Two Million Product Mark
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jun 04, 2007
Evolution Robotics, the leading provider of breakthrough robotic technologies for consumer products, today announced that there are now more than two million products in the market powered by the company’s technologies. Evolution Robotics partners with brand leaders to help make their products smarter by delivering ground breaking solutions for robotic vision, navigation and intelligence at very low costs. Over the last year, Evolution Robotics partnered with Bandai Networks, WowWee, Bandai Toys and other companies on a range of products including visual search applications for mobile phones to navigation solutions for smarter robotic vacuum cleaners.

“Obviously we consider crossing the two million product mark a major accomplishment for Evolution Robotics. But even more important, we believe this demonstrates the growing demand in the consumer products market for powerful, low-cost robotic solutions that enable breakthrough new products at consumer-friendly prices,” said Paolo Pirjanian, CEO of Evolution Robotics, who is delivering a keynote address at the start of the RoboBusiness conference today in Boston.

“Evolution Robotics is driving the commercialization of powerful robotics applications in the mass market. It is great for the industry that they have achieved this important milestone,” said Dan Kara, President of Robotics Trends, and Chairman of the RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition. “Evolution is widely recognized as a leader in vision and autonomous navigation solutions, a fact driven home by the increasing number of partnerships the company has forged with market leaders in a variety of product categories. We expect to see Evolution Robotics continue to build momentum and look forward to the products that will hit the market in the coming years.”

Evolution Robotics will also be giving a sneak preview of some of its upcoming products in private sessions with key business partners attending RoboBusiness. “We look forward to making more exciting partner announcements over the next year as we continue to increase the quantity and diversity of consumer products that will be powered by Evolution Robotics’ technologies,” continued Pirjanian.

Evolution Robotics’ solutions currently being deployed on the market include:

-- ViPR (visual pattern recognition) - a robust and reliable vision solution that truly gives electronic devices the ability to detect and recognize complex visual patterns, and in effect, to see

-- NorthStar - the word’s lowest cost localization solution that enables mobile robots (e.g. robotic toys and vacuums) to intelligently navigate within indoor settings using a proprietary micro-GPS system

-- vSLAM - a powerful, vision based navigation solution that lets robots autonomously build a map of their location and keep track of where they are based on what they see

-- ERSP - a complete software development platform for robotics that includes tools for ViPR, vSLAM and the Evolution Robotics Software Architecture (ERSA(TM))

About Evolution Robotics
Evolution Robotics (http://www.evolution.com) partners with brand leaders to make their products smarter by providing solutions for vision, autonomous navigation and intelligence. Evolution Robotics’ mission is to make everyday products smarter through innovation in visual pattern recognition and robotics. The company’s technology platform includes ERSP(R), the standard Robotics Operating System, ViPR(R), the gold standard in visual pattern recognition and NorthStar(R), the world’s lowest cost localization system for autonomous navigation. Evolution Robotics has provided unique and differentiating functions for products such as robotic toys, robotic vacuum cleaning products and educational robots. The company also develops visual search engine technologies and partners with mobile service companies to develop mobile marketing and mobile commerce applications for camera phones. Additionally, the company markets LaneHawk(TM), a loss-prevention solution for retailers that reduces inventory shrinkage through Evolution Robotics Retail, a subsidiary company. Evolution Robotics is an operating company of Idealab, a creator and operator of technology businesses.

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