Food Robot Turns Heads in Tokyo
FANUC's food-preparation automation arm gets notice at Tokyo food industry show.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Jun 11, 2009

FANUC's USDA-approved food-handling robot arm is designed for high-speed food-product picks and assembly, which doesn't sound as appetizing as it should.

Fanuc Robotics, Inc. is demonstrating its high-speed food-picking robot arm at the Fooma Tokyo food-automation expo this week.
The units, which were the first to pass USDA hygiene requirements and got the company an approving nod from analysts at Robotics Business Review for the innovation, are designed to pick primary and packaged food at speeds as high as 120 cycles per minute. It can’t make the sushi, in other words, but it can assemble and present it at hygiene levels acceptable for food preparation under U.S. regulations.
Its greaseless, sealed design resists food and bacterial buildup and allows it to be washed down easily with chemicals allowed in food preparation environments.
It uses FANUC’s PickTool software to let owners configure its motions, and a two-dimensional vision system called FANUC iRVision to identify and assemble food components.

Mmmm. Sushi.

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