FUJISOFT Releases Humanoid Robot “PALRO”
FUJISOFT Releases Humanoid Robot “PALRO”
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Feb 14, 2010

FUJISOFT Releases “PALRO”, a compact humanoid robot with integrated intelligence systems, supporting spontaneous conversation with humans and mobile intelligence for autonomous locomotion.

FUJISOFT Incorporated has announced the successful development of a compact humanoid robot with integrated intellectual systems. Called “PALRO,” a model of the robot will be available for educational institutions from Monday, March 15, 2010.

FUJISOFT has been researching robot technology as part of its participation in the robot intelligence development project initiative of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The Company blended technology that it had acquired through built-in software development over the years with intelligence technology to develop PALRO®.

PALRO® is a 39.8-centimeter-tall, 1.6-kilogram humanoid robot, which combines communication intelligence that enables a spontaneous conversation with humans and mobile intelligence for autonomous locomotion. The name PALRO® is derived from a combination of “pal,” meaning “friend,” and “ro,” the first two letters of “robot.”

PALRO is equipped with a software platform permitting extensive functional enhancements. For example, it can be developed as a personal home concierge who provides a user with information and services. The application was developed using open architecture, and a dedicated library is available to support functional enhancement.

Although FUJISOFT is ultimately targeting a broad range of customer segments, from robot lovers to students and seniors, FUJISOFT will first release a model for educational institutions, specifically facilities with advanced curricula needs. FUJISOFT seeks to contribute to the development of technologies in Japan by first providing young engineers at educational institutions with robot technology as a learning material.

A model for general consumers is scheduled to be released during FY2010.

FUJISOFT will continue to develop new solutions focused on intelligence technology.

Specification: Height 39.8cm/ Weight 1.6kg
Release quantity: 1,000 for the initial year
URL: http://www.fsi.co.jp/solution/robot/palro/index.html

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