GIN Debuts Delilah EMB Robotic Dispenser
Delilah's suppliers claim the robot is quieter, smaller and capable of dispensing up to 40 doses of liquid per second
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Jan 16, 2013

Global Innovation Network (GIN) is bringing another new product to the global laboratory automation market, and its name is Delilah.

At SLAS 2013, GIN will debut its new automated dispenser technology, the Delilah EMB dispenser. In a market set to reach $4.1 billion by 2015, the new dispenser could not come at a more opportune moment to help accelerate drug discovery and production.

Delilah is not only multifunctional, highly accurate and quiet, but has the world’s smallest footprint.

The Delilah EMB dispenser line is focused on developing point of care (POC) tests and manufacturing diagnostic tests, with its unparalleled automated dispensing rate and host of other updated capabilities and functions.

The robotic liquid-dispensing technology can dispense up to 40 doses of liquid per second, from volumes anywhere between 50 nanoliters and 140 microliters.

The rate at which the Delilah EMB dispenser works is not the only benefit of the new solution, however; the product is also nearly maintenance-free, with no parts that will wear upon use.

One aspect of the Delilah EMB that is hard to find elsewhere is its electromagnetic bellow patented technology, which offers dispensing capabilities through the air, creating a non-contact operation with no external pressure needed.

Teijo Fabritius, Global Innovation Network’s CEO, commented on the solutions his company provides, such as the Delilah EMB dispenser.

“We facilitate the transition of cutting edge Finnish technologies into global markets by decreasing the risk,” said Fabritius. “We do this by productizing the technologies and introducing the technology into the market.”

Now that the Delilah EMB dispenser is set for introduction at the SLAS 2013, GIN has essentially done its job, and the product’s capabilities will speak for itself and help find its place in the robotic dispensing market.

As a product which both increases productivity dramatically and saves space in the workplace, Delilah should have little trouble winning over potential users. Its robotic compatibility is highly inclusive, and the technology involved has the power to transform high throughput screening operations by both reducing reagent costs, and improving overall efficiency.

As a product line, the Delilah includes more than just its namesake product, with the both sample handing modules and material handling modules to allow users reliable and maintenance-free solutions.

The new solution is on exhibition with GIN now at SLAS 2013, booth #935, until January 16 in Orlando, Florida. 


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