Gostai Debuts Telepresence Robot
The one-meter tall Jazz robots are mobile, fitted with a camera, and connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Apr 20, 2011


French robot maker Gostai recently unveiled its line of Jazz designed for use as mobile telepresence devices. Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to control the robots via a Web browser, allowing the operator to attend meetings, visit a remote location or inspect the goings on at an office or factory. Users can also speak with others using an embedded loudspeaker while controlling the robot’s moves via an intuitive interface.

Mobile telepresence is a new way to communicate, which makes informal talks easier. In addition to the sound and image provided by traditional computer-based or smartphone communications apps, mobile telepresence also affords users mobility. Thanks to mobile telepresence, persons can keep in touch with a company while away or teleworking. Telepresence also helps reduce travel-related costs and carbon emissions.  

Jazz can also patrol unlit locations, thanks to an infrared camera and a map of its surroundings as well as a laser system, which the robot uses to localize objects. The robot is able to detect suspicious moves and thus can function as an addition to a night security guard or traditional alarm system. If something suspicious is detected, the robot’s operator can control the device to investigate the situation in real time. 


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