IAI Offers New Ultralight MiniPOP Payload for UAVs
The plug-in optronic payload is designed for use by small, unmanned aerial vehicles for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting missions.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Nov 01, 2010

The ultralight MiniPOP payload from IAI.


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is introducing the newest member of its MiniPOP (plug-in optronic payload) family: the Ultralight MiniPOP. The new lightweight MiniPOP payload is manufactured using lightweight metals, including magnesium and titanium.

The MiniPOP is designed to be used by small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which demand long endurance, and by special ground forces for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting (ISTAR) missions. The system can be handled and operated by a single soldier.

“We are very proud of the technical achievements accomplished with this MiniPOP,” says Shaul Shahar, general manager of IAI’s TAMAM Division. “We have reduced the weight of the MiniPOP by 25 percent compared to its predecessors, while maintaining its superior performance. The new MiniPOP allows TAMAM to offer electro- optical solutions for UAVs of between 25 and 50 kg, thereby significantly extending their mission duration capabilities.”

The new MiniPOP is a part of the expanding MiniPOP family of lightweight, single Line-Replaceable-Unit, observation and targeting payloads. More than 300 payloads are deployed in the field worldwide with leading military and security forces and users.

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