Ibis Hotel Installs Robots to Paint Sleeping Guests
The "Sleep Art Project" will document the sleep patterns of 40 willing guests
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed Oct 02, 2012

Ibis hotels will select a happy few to test a new kind of bedding connected via 80 sensors to a robot. The sensors will capture the guests' sleep data to turn it into a work of art.

As part of the "Sleep Art Project," 40 guests will sleep on beds that transmit data on movement, sound and temperature to a robot with a paintbrush. 

The mechanical arm will make a drawing based on the sleeper's temperature, movements and noises. Waking up, the guests will discover the work of art they helped produce during the night.

The abstract paintings are created in a remote studio in Paris, the website Hotel Chatter reported.

The nocturnal depictions will be made starting Oct. 8 in Paris, followed by Berlin on Oct. 26 and London on Nov. 14, SherwoodParkNews.com reported.


The process will be filmed and individuals will be able to follow the experience via a live stream on Facebook.

A draw will offer a few Facebook Ibis fans the chance to see their sleep charted as a work of art. Those selected will receive a digital copy of the art piece inspired by their sleep cycle.

Some tech writers such as Liat Clark, of Wired, are skeptical about the quality of the work, at least compared to the painting seen in the promotional video.




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