Kairos Autonomi™ Software Enables Autonomous JAUS Compliant Interoperability
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Nov 06, 2006
The JAUS Software Development Kit (SDK) from Kairos Autonomi™ enables unique unmanned and robotic systems to communicate and operate with each other independent of design.

The JAUS SDK provides a common conceptualized view of all robotics regardless of each robot’s hardware or software. With this software, two unique robots are able to share messaging schemes and information for optimal interoperability.

Using shared memory architectures, JAUS SDK utilizes a single DLL structure to achieve up to Level I compliance. Other components include functional, stand-alone, file defined JAUS Nodes, a Builder that generates complete JAUS system architectures and an Interrogator that functions independent of the “a priori” limitation.

Applications range from creating a JAUS system with zero user-written software using existing executables, to creating stand-alone JAUS components with a software pipe interface, to utilizing an existing system with shared variables as the only interface, all the way to constructing a full system from the ground up.

The DLL has all JAUS message and component classes, as well as many helper classes. JAUS components can be instantiated with as little as one line of code. The Builder provides a hierarchal approach to JAUS system creation and then generates a human-readable text file that defines the entire system. The Node program can then read this file to create the user-defined JAUS system. Diagnostic tools speed verification of system functionality.

The tools and DLL are designed for usage on Windows platforms — from 9x through Vista — using Visual Studio 6 or 2005.

“The Kairos JAUS SDK is the first step in meeting the Department of Defense mandate of unmanned system interoperability,” said George A. “Troy” Takach, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, Kairos Autonomi™. “The JAUS SDK software offers a smooth avenue for JAUS compliance.”

About Kairos Autonomi™
Altered Thinking.™ Kairos Autonomi™ is re-shaping the thought and direction of the unmanned vehicle industry by delivering the right tool, in the right place, at the right time. Kairos utilizes a smart approach in providing simple, cost-effective and immediately available solutions. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Kairos Autonomi™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of DesignJug.

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