Leading Pipe Maker Orders Innova Robotics & Automation’s Universal Robot Controller
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Dec 14, 2006
Innova Robotics & Automation, Inc. (OTCBB: INRA), a robotics technology firm, announced today that a steel and alloy pipe manufacturer has placed an order for Innova’s Universal Robot Controller(TM) (URC(TM)) through the Robotic Workspace Technologies (RWT) subsidiary. Innova believes that the PC, open-architecture URC enables its customers to save on costs by extending the productivity and life of existing robotic systems while postponing the need to purchase expensive new equipment.

Innova has already provided the customer with training in the use of the controller. The URC replaces the proprietary OEM T-3 Acramatic control on a Cincinnati Milacron robot used by the customer for contour plasma cutting of very large size stainless steel and alloy pipes. Designed for extra heavy-duty manufacturing operations, the beefy Cincinnati Milacron robot line was orphaned in the late 1980’s when the robot division was spun-off from the parent company. Today, proprietary spare parts for the OEM controller are extremely difficult to acquire, and when they are found, they are most likely used, not new. This is an unacceptable scenario for manufacturers who must meet production requirements.

“We are pleased to be implementing the URC for a world class manufacturer,” said Robert Ballard, vice president of operations, RWT. “This is an opportunity for our technology to again demonstrate its ability to increase productivity, improve efficiency and extend the useful life of existing robots for our customers. This product offers considerable advantages over the expense of replacing an entire robotic system and eliminates expenses that would be incurred to completely re-engineer a work cell.”

“The expansion of our robot controller business through the addition of new orders is key to fulfilling Innova’s growth strategy,” said Walter Weisel, chairman and C.E.O., Innova Robotics & Automation.

Key capabilities of the state-of-the-art Universal Robot Controller include increased processing speeds for improved path following and motion control and improved communications between the robot and the controller; and between the controller and other enterprise systems.

In addition to potentially providing greater productivity and efficiency, Innova believes that the URC provides further benefits. Because the controller is a PC, replacement parts can be purchased from a wide variety of retail outlets. The URC is more compact than the old OEM controller, freeing up valuable floor space on the production floor for other processes. Designed for plug-and-play connectivity, the URC minimizes reprogramming tasks through the use of its universal programming language, RobotScript®, which is based on Microsoft technology. RobotScript features English-language commands and syntax, making it very easy for operators to learn and use.

The URC and the RobotScript programming language are also being used to operate various models of ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Unimation and Yaskawa Motoman robotic arms. The Company recently introduced its third generation PC controller, the URC 3(TM).

About Innova Robotics & Automation Inc.
Fort Myers, Fla.-based Innova Robotics & Automation (OTCBB: INRA), pioneers innovative control and communication solutions that make robotics and automated systems more productive, powerful and profitable for customers in the telecommunications, manufacturing, aerospace, research, and service industries. The Company is chartered to continue expanding its growing suite of technologies through acquisitions and organic growth. Innova operates through three subsidiaries, Robotic Workspace Technologies (RWT), CoroWare Technologies, and Innova Robotics, which offer convergent technology and expertise that bridge robots, facilities and business systems for greater functionality and ROA. Visit Innova online at http://www.InnovaRoboticsAutomation.com

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