Mopec Delivers RoboCourier™ to Hospital Automation Market Teams w/ CCS Robotics and MobileRobotics
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed Nov 01, 2007
Using MobileRobots’ technology, RoboCourier automatically adjusts to changing environments, without wires, lines, reflectors or other traditional guidance. It wends its way through hallway traffic finding alternate routes when blocked. It stops at the lab to collect patient samples. At the lab, staff unload samples, then press a button to send RoboCourier on its way.

Mopec rolled out RoboCourier at their national sales meeting in Oak Park, MI recently and has begun installations in Providence and Lapeer Hospitals in Michigan. Says Rick Bell, President of Mopec, “Our sales force is very excited at the prospects offered by RoboCourier. It not only has quick customer pay-back, but it increases staff satisfaction by taking over their “grunt work”Currently, trained medical staff typically push carts from station to station; such staff are often in short supply, and prefer to serve patients’ needs.

RoboCourier hospital delivery robots were jointly designed by Mopec and CCS Robotics. Mopec provides an ever-expanding selection of well-designed, competitively priced medical equipment via its growing national and international sales force.

RoboCouriers are built by CCS Robotics atop MobileRobots PatrolBot™ base with MobileRobots autonomous navigation and control system. With or without card-swipe lockbox, these robots are available from CCS Robotics, whose parent company, Cypress Computer Systems, Inc, has solved access and automation problems for over 20 years for customers including General Motors, Chrysler, Ford and EDS

PatrolBot bases are available from MobileRobots Inc. Founded in 1995, MobileRobots is a global leader in intelligent robots, robot control systems and robot software. It has sold thousands of robots around the world. Customers include: Amgen, BAE, Carnegie Mellon, Foster-Miller, Hitachi, Honda, Intel, John Deere, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, US Army and US Navy.

Rick Bell
21750 Coolidge Hwy. Oak Park, IL 48237
P:  248-291-2040 x130

Tony Diodato
CCS Robotics
1778 Imlay City Rd, Lapeer, MI 48446
P:  810-441-6412

Donna Doran
MobileRobots Inc.
19 Columbia Drive, Amherst, NH 03031
P:  603-881-7960 x104,

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