Motoman Announces Compact, Versatile 7-axis Welding Arms
New products designed for tight spaces, complex products.
By Robotics Trends Staff - Filed May 26, 2009
Industrial-arm manufacturer Motoman has announced two new products designed to make its automated arc-welding robotic arms more effective, especially in crowded manufacturing environments.
The VA1400 “Versatile Arc” welding arm is designed to provide flexible positioning and reach, adding a seventh axis to the usual six, in the lower part of an arm to act like an elbow and help the welding tip reach both sides of a single part. It can be mounted on walls or floors, has a payload of 6.6 pounds, has a 56.5-inch horizontal reach, 97.4-inch vertical reach and repeatability of .003 inches. Its cables are routed internally to reduce crowding and the potential for damage. It is designed to operate in both crowded work environments and to weld in spots with very little clearance for tools.
Motoman also announced a new welding arm specifically designed for automotive applications. The VS-50 “Versatile Spot” spot-welding robotic arm is compact—19.4 inches wide—with a long 112.3-inch reach and .004 inches of repeatability. It has seven degrees of freedom and the ability to reorient the manipulator axes without changing the position of the welding gun. It uses a comparatively light welding gun, which helps increase the speed of its movement and welds, as well as use less power.
Both units integrate with Motoman’s DX100 controllers, which han manage as many as eight robots simultaneously. No pricing was available.
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