New Robot Website For Telepresence aims to bring together information and serve as a place for the community to share its experiences in one centralized location.
By Robotics Trends' News Sources - Filed May 08, 2012 just launched its website to give businesses, hospitals and schools more information on telepresence robots and to assist them in choosing the best robot to fit their specific needs

As the site explains about itself: “Telepresence Robots is a company that prides itself on bringing the latest information about telepresence robots to the public. With the interactive use of the forum, blog and review functions, we hope that this website can be a "one stop shop" for all your technical and user details.

“Telepresence Robots present options for interactive robots to its clients. Since we are a third party with no interests in any of the producers, it allows us to give an unbiased feedback on these robots. This helps our browsers get the maximum value out of their visit to this website. We also bring fellow users together to share their experiences through the use of our forum.” is proud to finally launch the website. We hope that this website will grow to be a center for information. The primary goal of this website is to bring together all the information on the available telepresence robots and for the community to share its experiences in this one centralized location. Telepresence robotics has for a long time been a passion, and this is a way to share that passion with other users around the world.

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